Waves Signer

Waves Signer is an account that works without extension/installation/download

To create your own Waves Signer account visit waves.exchange and hit 'Sign Up' on the top right of your screen. Or head to this direct link.

If you wish to create a Waves Signer account, select either the E-Mail or Software option for your account. If you create a software account, be sure to backup your seed phrase as this will be your backup for the account.

To make a backup for your account seed log into your waves.exchange account and head to 'Settings' tab on the top right after hitting your profile icon.

After that go to the 'Security' section and within here you'll be able to find your Seed Phrase, carefully save this seed anywhere you can, on your PC, a USB stick, an encrypted file etc.. Anywhere safe where you'll be able to retreive it at a later time as a backup if needed.

You'll also be able to instead, or as an extra, save your account as a JSON file as seen in the bottom right in the 'Security tab'. This file can also be used as a backup to retreive your account if needed.

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