Listing an NFT

This page explains how to list an NFT for sale as a whitelisted creator on SIGN Art.

Once you've completed your Profile Creation you'll see the ability to add an artwork with the '+Add Artwork' tab in your account page.

To add an artwork to the site on SIGN Art, you'll first have to certify the sources of an artwork, the sources of an artwork should prove that you're the original creator of the artwork. Say a PSD, BLEND, TILT, MAYA, CLIP or any other render file, perhaps you've created the artwork in a way where there is no real source file available, in this case, it is recommended to upload either the artwork itself, or anything else that could prove the authenticity of the artwork.

Once you've uploaded a file, the 'Certificate reference' will automatically be filled in as this is simply the name of the source file, if it's not filled in, you'll be able to type in a name yourself.

If you've already certified the source for your artwork using the original yourself, either because you simply wanted to certify the artwork without minting an NFT, or prior to the release of SIGN Art, you'll be able to hit the checkbox on top to use the transaction ID of that certification instead of making a new certificate.

After certifying the source file for the artwork, you'll be brought to step 2, where you can add all remaining information on the NFT such as the title, description and tags. You'll also be able to add the Export file (HD version) and the Preview file (low resolution file) of the artwork. There's also a License file field, here you'll be able to include a license to the artwork if you wanted to. SIGN Art allows creators to add a custom license if desired. If a creator decides not to add a custom license, SIGN Art will add the default SIGN Art license to the artwork.

Now that the artwork has been listed on SIGN Art, it is not for sale yet, currently it is simply certified and added to your gallery, if you wish to set an edition amount, price and list the artwork for sale follow these steps:

Head to your account page on the top right and go to the 'Created' section.

Click on the artwork you want to list for sale and hit the 'Edit artwork' button. After this hit the 'Set for sale' button.

In the following window, select if you want the listing to only allow offers without a listing price or enter a listing price with a desired currency. If you've entered a listing price collectors will still be able to make offers for your artwork.

You'll also be able to set the amount of editions you want the NFT to have (max 100) under the 'Maximum NFT(s) issuable' field.

For NFT's with a single edition and Offers only, you'll be able to add a Time limit on which date the sale will end, and so no more further offers will be allowed.

After you've entered your desired pricing and edition sizing, you'll be able to hit the pink 'SET FOR SALE' button.

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