Purchasing an NFT

This page explains how a collector can purchase their desired NFT.

First thing to do is make sure you have a Waves account to collect the NFT with, create either a Waves Signer or Waves Keeper account. To purchase an NFT it's important to first find a desired NFT and make sure you have some funds on your account to collect the NFT, find out how to get $SIGN or other crypto onto your Waves account here.

Once you've found the NFT you want to collect you should be seeing a page like such:

The first thing the SIGN Art team recommends any collector to do BEFORE purchasing an NFT is using the TinEye button on the artwork page. If a collector is interested in the rights bound to the NFT, they'll also be able to check the License of the artwork using the License button.

If the creator of the artwork has listed a price for the artwork, you'll always (unless sold out) be able to directly purchase the NFT for the listing price, this can be done using the 'Buy this NFT' button.

Regardless if the creator is asking for a listing price, you'll always be able to make an offer as well. This can be done using the 'Make an offer' button.

Keep in mind when making an offer you'll only collect the NFT if the creator accepts your offer, if after a while the creator still hasn't accepted your offer, you'll be able to cancel the offer on the same page on the bottom under the 'Offers' tab.

If an artwork has been sold previously, which can be seen by looking at the 'Total sold' number, or under the 'Transactions' tab at the bottom, you'll be able to hit the 'Find resellers' button to see if anyone is selling the NFT on the Marketplace.

Hitting the 'Find resellers' button will bring you to the Marketplace and will showcase any available listings for the NFT.

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