How do I get $SIGN?

This page explains the process on how to obtain SIGN tokens on your Waves account.

Step 1: Create either a Waves Signer or Waves Keeper account, and secure them safely.

Step 2: Log into the Waves Exchange and either deposit funds into your Waves account from an outside source (such as CoinBase or Binance), such as any existing crypto assets you might have.

Or purchase some USDN/BTC under the 'Buy Crypto' tab through the Waves Exchange directly (US customers not allowed, recommended to purchase and withdraw to Waves Exchange from CoinBase or Binance).

Once you're logged into the Waves Exchange you'll be able to head to the 'Wallet' tab to deposit outside assets if you desire. These assets can be used to purchase SIGN.

Step 3: Now that you've obtained cryptocurrency to exchange for SIGN you'll be able to connect your Waves account on at the upper right section of the page. Or you could use the in-app SIGN-USDN swap on SIGN Art.

Swop is an AMM swap exchange built for Waves Assets on which SIGN is listed, currently this is the most used and liquid option to trade SIGN.

Once you've connected your Waves account to the Swop site, hit the top button in the swap window as shown in the graphic above.

Select SIGN, afterwards hit the arrows to switch from selling (SIGN>USDN) to purchasing (USDN>SIGN).

If you don't have USDN yet, but you deposited Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other asset into your Waves account instead, you'll be able to swap your asset to USDN using the same method.

To complete the swap hit the green swap button and follow the transaction popup to complete the trade.

Video example:

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