What is a certification?

This page explains source file certifications on SIGN Art.

Signature Chain's primary focus is certifying the authenticity of digital files through the use of blockchain technology, this is and has been offered through the SIGN Web App prior to SIGN Art.

The certification of a digital file works using a unique hash ID that any digital file has. The hash ID of a file is taken, with a timestamp, then put on the blockchain using a transaction created by a specific public address (the creator/certifier).

The hash ID of a file is completely unique to the specific file, any changes made to a file will change the hash ID.

By timestamping a hash ID on the blockchain from x address, x address will always be able to prove that they owned y hash ID (file) at z time. If a person is the first to certify a digital file, that essentially means they're the authentic owner of this specific digital file as they were the first to certify (own) the file.

Hence why it's important to certify any important files as soon as possible to claim authentic ownership.

Any files can be put through the SIGN Explorer to view if it has been certified previously.

What does this mean for SIGN Art?

SIGN Art makes use of this certification technology (built into SIGN Art) so that artists can certify the authenticity of their artwork source files, this way artists are able to claim authentic ownership of their artwork in the future if needed. It's also more comfortable for collectors to know that all artists on SIGN Art have necessary source files available to prove the authentic creation of the NFT being sold.

Find a video explaining the certification process on SIGN Art here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdkUecU7QrE&t=0s

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