Finding an NFT

This page explains how a collector can find their desired NFT.

Collectors are able to find all sorts of NFT's by scrolling through the Primary Market as well as the Marketplace.

The Primary Market showcases all newly released NFT's by SIGN Art creators, the market has a search bar, as well as search filters to find exactly what you're looking for.

The artist list on the top left showcases all SIGN Art creators, you'll be able to go exactly to anyone's profile here to scout a specific creator's work. The search bar has a toggle button to toggle between Approved, and non Approved creators.

Aside of the Primary Market, collectors will also be able to find NFT's listed on the Marketplace. The Marketplace works much like the Primary Market, except all NFT listings on the Marketplace are NFT's that have been previously collected and are now being listed for sale again by their collectors.

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