TinEye is a reverse image search tool that scouts the internet to find any copies of the requested image on the internet.

TinEye is a tool implemented in SIGN Art to spot whether an artwork has been posted anywhere else on the internet before. This can be used by collectors to spot whether an artwork has simply been stolen somewhere online.

The TinEye button can be found on an artwork's page as shown in the graphic above.

If the image is likely to be authentic, TinEye will not find any matches for the artwork. This still does not guarantee the authenticity of an artwork, as a copied artwork, but heavily edited will also not yield any matches.

Once an artwork has few results, it's worthy to take a closer look at the result, do the sources that TinEye found have any relation with the creator on SIGN Art? Or is the TinEye result a different artist? These are few questions a collector would have to answer themselves using TinEye to become more confident in the authenticity of an artwork.

Sometimes an artwork will have results from an image bank which offers commercial rights or a copyright free source for an image, this would mean if an artist complies with necessary terms it wouldn't quite be a stolen work, up to a collector if they'd still like to purchase the NFT then though.

The SIGN Art team frequently scouts the platform to suspend any creators found trying to sell stolen works, but it's highly encouraged to collectors to take a quick look with the TinEye function into what they're buying.

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